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Pussy Sure, Feels Boys Amazing. ((FREE))

Previously, I put out a public inquiry trying to find straight men who proudly do not eat pussy. I thought I could find at least a few guys down to talk and explain themselves. However, I could not: Not a single guy would admit his oral aversions to me. Instead, I got endless emails from boys bragging: If they were Popeye, pussy was their spinach.

Pussy sure, feels boys amazing.

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Lizzie Cundy has confessed she's having "the best sex" ever with her "squeaky" new vagina. The 54-year-old socialite - who was married to former Chelsea player Jason Cundy until 2010 - feels like a "new woman" after undergoing tightening laser treatment on her private parts, and has even claimed young men are "flocking" to her for a date ever since she had the procedure. She told the UK edition of Closer magazine: "I feel like a new woman with my super vagina! It's so tight, it squeaks when I walk - I can barely sit down. "I've always felt young for my age and now I have a vagina to match. "I only date younger men and they're flocking for a date. "I'll be treating my vagina like a temple now... worship away, boys! I've been seeing someone recently and I'm sure they can feel the difference. I'm having the best sex of my life." Despite being open about her vaginal treatment, Lizzie recently profusely denied having had a bum lift. She said: "Can I just say live on air, I have NOT had a bum lift." The pint-sized brunette said: "It doesn't matter if I did but I have not had a bum lift. "This is not fair, I've not had a bum lift, it was a massage. That was very unfair, I have not had a bum lift, what is going on?!" Meanwhile, TV personality Lizzie previously insisted on live television that weeing in the shower is "cost-effective" and "hygienic", and she believes there's nothing wrong with doing it. When asked if she has ever peed in the shower, she said: "Yes I have, in fact, I did it this morning. I stayed at Anthea Turner's house. It actually is the most hygienic. It washes away. "And it's cost-effective as well, economic. It's good for the environment. I think most of us do if we're honest." 076b4e4f54


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