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The role of the School

  • Offer Portuguese as a heritage language to our children
  • Encourage students’ creativity in general
  • Support multiculturalism and multilingualism 
  • Teach Brazilian popular games in Portuguese
  • Allow communication to happen, even when students speak English (but the teacher targets Portuguese spoken in class)
  • Reinforce the importance of Brazilian and Australian commemorative dates 
  • Teach Portuguese as a foreign language (PFL) to adults

What do we offer?

Our Team is committed to the linguistic and cultural education of Brazilians and any of those who find a passion in Brazilian culture and  its language. Our classes are:

(1-2 years)

This group develops socialisation and affection with parents and others. It is a great way for your child(ren) to learn about the world, make friends and develop social and linguistic skills. Playgroups also allows mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with their little ones.

(8-13 years)

This group is the leading group in the school and has as its main purpose the specific deepening of the language through texts, hands on activities (making sandwiches and healthy juices) and learning in a more dynamic context. In general, the culture is widely explored through commemorative dates and matters of interest to this group of children. They carry on their sense of belonging and responsibilities and are very good ambassadors for the school. 

Pre-School I
(3-4 years)

This group of learners,  works with motor coordination, the visual familiarity with letters and recognition of their names throughout patterns presented to them playfully. They are learning how to become independent and follow teacher's instructions. 

SACE Class

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a modern, internationally-recognised secondary school qualification. While completing the SACE, students will gain or extend the knowledge and skills to help them in their future study and employment. A nationally assessed language at continuers level is a 10-credit or a 20-credit subject at Stage 1, and a 20-credit subject at Stage 2. SACE – Continuers level (Stages 1 & 2)

Pre-School II
(5-6 years)

This group has a specific purpose: learn to read and write in Portuguese. The curriculum is based on the teaching of literacy to these children throughout a collaborative work between the students, parents and the teacher. Already at this age they begin to awaken a sense of responsibility and belonging to the environment they are inserted. Children at this age will begin to read and write aligned with their mainstream school syllabus. 

Adult Classes

Coming from all corners, our students enrol at the school in order to learn the language spoken in Brazil, along with the culture and aspects of the country. The groups are divided by levels of proficiency and as the students progress, they change their classes (according to what we can offer). We use communicative material adopted according to the needs and abilities of our students. (External provider)

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