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Atualizado: 22 de jul. de 2020

Our school creates real learning opportunities to our students by organising special date celebrations that showcase the rich culture of Brazil. Through these opportunities students and families can feel "home" and enjoy the richness of typical food, music, games, activities and share these with other Brazilians.

Welcome to our Cultural page. Here you will know more about the greatest celebrations in Brazil and details on how the Brazilian Ethnic School of SA incorporates the learning programs with the special dates.

“Would you like your children to have 70% more opportunities than other children? Bring them up being bilingual children. Allow them the opportunity to speak the language spoken in Brazil and the local one too."

School Activities

The Brazilian Ethnic School of SA aims to provide language learning for Brazilian children or anyone who has an interest in the language and culture of Brazil. Through weekly lessons focussed on the culture and history of Brazil, we encourage our community of learners to continue discovering about their parents, grandparents and their own heritage language. These learners bring with them, their own personal experiences and memories with the loved ones left behind. From that, we stretch their abilities to think about how important it is to know about Brazil and its culture. Life experiences among students will enhance their interest in continuing learning.

We also bring to school cultural celebrations that allow students to learn the rich culture of Brazil, throughout dance, food and personal stories of parents and grandparents. The vivid atmosphere we foster in each classroom enables our young learners to 'want to be there at the Brazilian Ethnic School'. At times students ask "why isn't this school a regular school that we can go every day?", which makes us very happy.

Our school also takes opportunities to continue growing, through organising holiday programs, Open Days, school parties and big events to the whole community in Adelaide.

This photo represents an activity during one of our "Colonia de ferias" and Capoeira was introduced to them. They all had a great time trying it.

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