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Asian Handicap – What is it? Experience in playing handicap betting to win easily

Asian Handicap, also known as AH, Handicap, or Over/Under bet, is no longer unfamiliar to football betting enthusiasts. This is one of the most favored types of bets for people to participate in football matches. Let's explore top soccer tips today how to accurately analyze Asian Handicap, increase winning odds, and differentiate between different types of bets in this category with reputable bookmakers.

Introduction to the Newest Type of Asian Handicap Bet

Asian Handicap, also known by other names such as Handicap or Over/Under bet, is highly appreciated by players for its ease of winning and the highest return.

Asian Handicap is a form of betting based on analyzing the difference between two teams regarding various factors such as strength and form in a football match.

For this type of bet, there are various sub-types depending on changes in the betting odds. There are different types of bets such as Yellow Card Bet, Handicap Bet, Over/Under Bet, Corner Bet, and many other types depending on the diversity in each match.

Regarding the odds, for each match, bookmakers will offer certain betting odds to players. There are no constraints by a single odds in many different types of bets, providing a wide range of choices for players.

Most Common Types of Asian Handicap Bets

Once understanding the concept of Asian Handicap bets, the next step is to learn about the types of bets in this form to choose the suitable one to participate in. Let's take a look at some common types of bets:

Level Handicap Bet

The level handicap bet is a type of bet where a draw or a 0 handicap is prevalent in Asian Handicap. Moreover, this type of bet will appear when two teams are evenly matched.

With this type of level handicap bet, there are 3 possible outcomes:

The player betting on the upper team will win if the upper team wins.

The player betting on the lower team will win if the lower team wins.

The player gets their bet refunded if both teams draw.

Half Ball Handicap

The half ball handicap, also known as 1/4 ball handicap or 0.25 bet type.

In this type of bet, the outcomes are as follows:

The player betting on the upper team will win if the upper team wins the match.

The player betting on the lower team will win if the lower team wins the match.

The player betting on the upper team will lose half of their bet if both teams draw. However, the player betting on the lower team will receive half of their bet.

One-Half Handicap Bet

One-half handicap is one of the Asian Handicap types. This is a handicap bet between the stronger team and the other team with a 0.5 handicap.

In this type of bet, there are only two possible outcomes: win or lose. A draw is not considered.

The player betting on the lower team will win if the lower team wins the match.

The player betting on the upper team will win if the upper team wins the match by a margin of at least 1 goal.

In case of a draw, the player betting on the upper team loses half of their bet, while the player betting on the lower team receives half of their bet.

Three Quarter Ball Handicap

With the three-quarter ball handicap, for a player to win in this bet type, the result between the two teams must have a difference of more than 2 goals.

In cases where the two teams are only one goal apart or draw, the betting outcome is calculated as follows:

If the result sees the two teams with only one goal difference, the player betting on the lower team wins half of their bet.

If the two teams draw, players will lose their bet.

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It would be a great oversight if you didn't refer to some experiences when betting on Asian handicap matches. So why wait? Let's pocket some betting tips gathered from seasoned bettors below.


Grasping match information is essential for making informed betting predictions. Dive deep into the capabilities, style, playing tactics, and scoring history of both teams. This will greatly benefit your analysis and enhance your ability to place more accurate bets.


Each type of handicap in Asian handicap betting comes with its own set of rules and regulations. Therefore, to avoid confusion when placing bets, it's crucial to understand and grasp the betting formats you are about to engage in.


There's no need to stick to a fixed betting odds. Bookmakers adjust odds differently every day. This is also a trap that bookmakers use to lure in newcomers. Therefore, learning from experience is crucial.


The above article provides information betting tips app on Asian handicap betting along with experiences and methods for distinguishing different types of handicaps. Hopefully, these insights will help you bring home as many wins as possible.


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