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Two Point Conversion By Liane Moore

Finally, he set the brush aside and eased her back against his chest. Her hair was almost dry at this point, but Theo moved its soft weight off her neck and pressed a kiss to her throat. He pulled the towel away from her body and tossed it off the bed, leaving them skin to skin. It felt good to be wrapped up in him like this. Even better than his combing her hair.

Two Point Conversion by Liane Moore


The mattress dipped and Meg opened her eyes to find Galen had moved to a point just past their feet for a better view. He arched a dark eyebrow at her, but something soft and intimate marred the arrogance of the expression. He needed this reaffirming as much as she did.

I had to wonder whether that was true or not. While I had purposely kept my assistant out of this side of my life, something had compelled me to invite him today. I was glad that I had because I enjoyed his company. He was one of the few people in the world I trusted implicitly. It had taken three years to get to that point, but I knew he had my best interests at heart.

Potential risk factors identified from these cases are entry-point infections from usual causative organisms (eg, Staphylococcus aureus), possible systemic sources of infection, poor aseptic technique, and prolonged catheterization. Epidural hematoma can also occur, usually in association with coagulation defects. However, epidural hematoma may also occur spontaneously, unrelated to instrumentation. The pathogenesis may be due to a weakened epidural vascular architecture. Nerve root irritation may have a protracted recovery, lasting weeks or months. Peripheral nerve injury as a result of instrumentation, lithotomy position, or compression by the fetal head may occur even in the absence of neuraxial technique.

As had become the norm for the championship over the previous years, the BSCC gathered in support of the Race of Champions meeting at Brands Hatch, with the race day for the saloons split into two heats.[2] Victory in both heats meant that Roy Pierpoint took the honours for the day, with Brian Muir (who had set the same time as Pierpoint in qualifying) claiming second.[2] Behind them came defending champion Frank Gardner, who used the supercharged Ford Escort TC that Alan Mann had experimented with the year before, despite having qualified on pole.[2] Mike Crabtree claimed the honours in Class C, ahead of an ever growing pack of Porsche 911s imported from Europe, headed by Nick Faure.[2] That said, Roger Taylor did manage to take third on aggregate in his Escort, ahead of the second Porsche.[2]

Two weeks later, the BSCC found itself at Silverstone, supporting the British Racing Drivers Club International Trophy (renamed as the Daily Express Trophy due to sponsorship), an event recognised as the biggest non-championship Formula One race in Britain (alongside the ROC).[3] The 34 car grid was led home by Gardner, who battled from fourth to take victory, although his fight was helped by the demise of Muir, who spun at the half way stage while leading.[4] Pierpoint joined him on the podium by holding onto the back of Gardner's car, while Terry Sanger finished a distant third, well behind the leading pair.[4] Crabtree fended off the 911 of Faure to take victory in Class C, while Barry Pearson claimed third, having managed to get the Mini of Steve Neal in between himself and Brian Robinson.[4]

Good Friday saw the BSCC paddock set itself up at Snetterton, racing in support of the Guards International Trophy race.[5] The crowds were given an intense race, which saw Gardner attempt to take on the 4.8 litre Falcons of Pierpoint and Sanger at the front.[5] As it was, the Falcons were fast enough on the straights to maintain their lead, with Pierpoint outstripping Sanger to victory, Gardner having to settle for third.[5] Behind the leading trio, Crabtree was finally beaten by Fuare in Class C, as the Porsche managed to get around the Escort for victory.[5] Robinson came through to complete the podium on his debut for the Byker Hill Garage team.[5]

Another race and another three way battle for victory, as the BSCC took centre stage for the first time that year.[6] Pierpoint took victory for the second race in a row, but had to fend off Gardner's Escort after the Australian had dispatched of Sanger.[6] They ran together for much of the race, lapping the rest of the field, including the leading cars in Class B.[6] Chris Craft threw his Escort round the circuit to take fourth overall, even beating the Falcon of Martin Birrane in the race.[6] Spice and Neal did their best to hang on to Craft's car, as did Jonathan Buncombe and Handley in their Minis, but Craft built a lead over them big enough to hang on.[6]

The world renowned Formula Two race sponsored by Martini, the Silverstone Martini International, attracted a larger field to the BSCC, with cars from the ETCC joining the pack.[7] Unfortunately for the Europeans, no one could stop the Falcons of Pierpoint and Sanger, who dispatched of Gardner (quite literally) and race away from the rest.[7] Gardner recovered to third in class (after numerous retirements), but was well down overall.[7] Class C saw Barry Pearson take the honours, with Dane Tom Belsø making his BSCC bow with second in class.[7] Mansfield, Peter Westbury and Crabtree had a scrap for third in their Escorts, but it would be the Diamond driver who completed the podium.[7]

With the Anerly Trophy decided, the attention turned to the Norbury Trophy, with the majority hoping to see Gardner go to battle with the Falcons as he had done throughout.[8] Unfortunately (for everyone but the Aussie) Gardner ran away from the field, after Pierpoint (who was now equipped with a Chevrolet Camaro) suffered a clutch failure in the opening stages, with further retirements for Birrane and Sanger depleting the Class D field.[8] John Williamson and Dennis Leech completed the podium, although they were two and three laps down respectively.[8] In Class C, Crabtree claimed the honours in his Escort TC as he attempted to keep it's supercharged cousin in sight.[8] Robinson and Faure completed the Class C podium, both managing to stay on the same lap, although the crowds were left dissapointed by a race which promised more than was shown.[8]

Leicestershire beckoned for the BSCC on the 29th of June, as the field was split into two once more for the race around the Mallory Park circuit.[9] Race one saw Spice carry his form over from Crystal Palace, as he set fastest lap and stood atop the podium for the second race running.[9] However, for the first time in BSCC history, he would not be alone, as Chris Craft joined him on the top of the rostrom, having pulled his Escort alongside the Mini at the line.[9] Official timing stated that both cars had crossed the line after 18 minutes and 35.6 seconds, meaning both were declared the winner (and hence the points were shared between them, both getting seven).[9] Steve Neal was left to watch their battle from behind as he claimed third, ahead of the factory cars.[9] In Class A, Hickman claimed a victory in his one litre Escort, leaving Poole to settle for second for the second race in a row.[9] Rob Mason completed the podium, although he was the only other entrant in their class.[9]

Into the Class C and D race, and drama was seen from the start, as Leech put Gardner and Pierpoint out of the race on the first lap.[9] With the two favourites out, and most of the field backed up behind Leech and Sanger in the sole surviving Falcons, Mike Crabtree and Rod Mansfield streaked ahead having avoided the worst of the incident.[9] However, Crabtree suffered from overheating, retiring after five laps, leaving Mansfield to take an unlikely victory for the non-supercharged Escort TC.[9] Leech, meanwhile, fended off Sanger to take victory in Class D, while Brian Robinson (once again using a Lotus Cortina) and Willy Kay joined Mansfield on the podium.[9]

The BSCC met at Croft three weeks later, with the day split into two heats, with points and places awarded on the aggregate result.[10] As it was, Roy Pierpoint was declared the winner, having won both heats, with Gardner challenging him all the way in both to take second.[10] Leech and Sanger took two third places each, but because of Leech's retirement in the second heat, Sanger was promoted to third overall (and in Class D).[10] In Class C, the heats were divided between Mansfield and Robinson, but, because of his faster time in his heat victory, Mansfield took the honours.[10] Pat Mannion was given third overall, after Crabtree produced two poor races and fell to fourth.[10]

The 1969 British Grand Prix attracted a large crowd to Silverstone, who would witness another enthralling BSCC race.[11] Pierpoint and Martin Thomas lined up on the grid in Camaros, with Leech and Sanger hoping to keep their Falcons ahead.[11] Pierpoint and Sanger immediately entered a duel for the lead, which saw them run together in the opening stages.[11] Yet, by the end of lap nine, Pierpoint had all but won the race, as Sanger retired with a broken wheel.[11] Leech was promoted to second, but was a long way behind, while Gardner came third, although his supercharged Escort was well off the pace.[11] John Hine joined the American muscle cars on the podium, as he took victory in Class C in his Escort, beating Mansfield in a race long battle, as they dropped third placed Robinson early on.[11]

Round eleven and the field returned to Brands Hatch, with Alec Poole set to win the title a round early if he scored any points at all in Class A.[13] He would first, however, have to negotiate another two heats of racing in order to do so.[13] On aggregate, having taken both heat victories, Leech stood atop the podium, as his Falcon ran alone for much of the day, with only Pierpoint able to keep with him in the second heat.[13] Sanger joined them on the podium, after retirements for Birrane (spin) and Gardner (rear axle failure) put them out of contention.[13] Crabtree and Willie Green were fast enough to finish ahead of Pierpoint on aggregate, as they took first and second respectively in Class C.[13] Robinson joined them once again, as the Escort TC took first to fourth in Class C.[13] 041b061a72


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