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Barcelona Bàsquet v Žalgiris Kaunas live 22/12/2023 Live Sport

It is more than just a team. Individually they are funny and talented guys. Once they are together, they are Zalgiris, who is the pride of every Lithuanian.

Zalgiris Kaunas v Barcelona LIVE 22. 12. 2023 | Basketball Follow Zalgiris Kaunas v Barcelona 22. 12. 2023 live - livescore, H2H stats, latest results and more information on Flashscore. Maybe they won't trace that it's somehow related to Lithuania? You wish. The purchase was instantly canceled. 5. I arrive at the hostel in Barcelona. I met a really nice worker over there who bought the tickets under his own name and from his own bank account. He entered his own ID data, and the ticket purchase was confirmed. I received my ticket in the evening. However, it was followed with a message that IDs would be thoroughly checked to ensure the game is attended by people who actually bought the tickets. So, what should I do? I don't look like a typical Spanish. So, after getting up in the morning, I visited the Barcelona store and bought a scarf so that I could blend in with the rest of the crowd. I also extend my stay in the hostel for an additional night. Surprise, surprise… One hour ago, I received an email that my ticket was canceled in compliance with the provisions against violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance in sport and its implementing regulation, as well as the Internal Regulation of the FC Barcelona sports venue. They probably saw that the email to which the ticket was sent was under my name instead of Marcelo's. So there's that. com. Sooo, I'm traveling around Europe with my motorbike and had some luck to root for Zalgiris in Munich [during Round 34]. As I was continuing my journey, it coincided that I was in Barcelona. So, why not visit Palau Blaugrana and watch the Zalgiris game? The next step is trying to buy tickets to the game. 1. I tried to do it by myself online – no luck. 2. I came to Camp Nou for a stadium tour and noticed a ticket office. I approach the first booth. "Hello, do you still have tickets for tomorrow's EuroLeague game, " I asked. "Yes, we do. Where are you from? " "Lithuania. " "We are not selling tickets to Lithuanians. Zalgiris fan shares unique story of how he was not allowed to attend game in BarcelonaZalgiris fan Povilas Lubninas tried to buy the tickets for the Barcelona-Zalgiris game in five different ways, with all of them ending up unsuccessful. Barcelona issued 140 tickets for Zalgiris away fans. As FC Barcelona and Zalgiris Kaunas prepare for Game 1 in the EuroLeague playoffs, there is plenty of rumble regarding away fans' experience and their difficulties in buying the tickets for the game. 3-pointers this season One of those fans is Povilas Lubninas, who shared his unique story in the BN+ Facebook group, revealing what kind of obstacles he had to go through to get the tickets. And after everything was confirmed, eventually, Barcelona canceled his tickets. " "Super. Could you just provide your ID? " I start to swear in my mind and give my driving license. "Aren't you from Lithuania? " I receive the question. "I'm a Lithuanian, but I live in Sweden. " "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but even if you are Lithuanian, I need some sort of Swedish document. Otherwise, there's no way I can help you, " says the ticket officer. "I don't bring my Swedish documents when I'm traveling, " I say before leaving. 4. I messaged my friend from Bulgaria, who has a British bank account. žalgiris vs barcelona ... Žalgiris #barcelona #barca #win · albarenovell2805. 44. Žalgiris vs Barça. ❤️ #basquetbol #kaunas #zalgiris #barça · bodzia91. 5535. Žalgiris - Barcelona ... Many Zalgiris fans complained about not being able to buy tickets to support their team in Barcelona. As Zalgiris press officer Almantas Kiveris revealed to Lukas Malinauskas from BasketNews. lt, Barcelona issued 140 tickets for away fans, and there's not much that could be done. After filling in the form that requires entering the full name, nationality, and personal ID, the tickets are canceled if there are any ties related to Lithuania. The buyer receives an email that says that the refund will be issued. Credit Barca BasketNews received Lubninas' permission to share his story on BasketNews. FC Barcelona Roster, Schedule, Stats (2023-2024) Zalgiris Kaunas logo ZAL · FC Barcelona logo BAR · Game preview. Dec 27, 2023 That day he went for 3 blocks in F.C. Barcelona Regal's home win against Basquet ... " "Bloody hell, " I think. 3. Change of plans. I approached the 5th booth and removed my hat so the previous worker wouldn't recognize me. "Hey there, I see there are discounts for basketball games with a stadium tour ticket, " I begin. "That's right. " "When is the next game? " "Tomorrow. " "That's great. Could I get a ticket in the price range of €40-50? "We have spectacular seats for €46, " says the ticket officer. "That's great; suits for me. Šarūnas Jasikevičius Return to Barcelona Bàsquet edit. Despite rumors that Jasikevičius would join ^ "Zalgiris Kaunas vs. Olympiacos Piraeus - Game". ^ Augustis, Mindaugas ...


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