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Ready to find the perfect trailer hitch for your vehicle? Simply tell us your vehicle year, make, and model and we will show you available trailer hitches and related towing components designed for your vehicle. Choose a hitch from leading tow hitch manufacturers like: Curt, Draw-Tite, B&W, REESE, and EcoHitch.



We also have a large selection of ball mounts, hitch balls, hitch receivers, wiring, trailer accessories, and other towing components to help you get on the road and towing. Whether you're hauling trailers, bikes, boats, cargo carriers, or another vehicle, U-Haul will make sure you get the right tow package for your vehicle and cargo.

All trailer hitches sold and installed at a U-Haul Moving Center come with the option of a lifetime warranty plan guaranteed to replace your hitch with no limitation for any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing and vehicle theft. A wiring service plan is also available. This covers repair and replacement of any damage to your wiring setup for up to two years.

Our selection includes bike racks that you can mount on your car roof, trunk, hitch, spare tire, truck tailgate pad, or RV bumper. Whether you're shopping for a starter rack or a premium model, we have a bike carrier to fit your needs.

Maximize the cargo space of your car, SUV, or truck with a cargo carrier. It's an easy and inexpensive way to add much-needed cargo space before heading out on a road trip. Use a roof- or hitch-mounted cargo carrier and available accessories to pack up excess luggage, camping gear and other cargo types.

Get the right towing accessories to make your vehicle capable of heavy-duty towing. We carry the best accessories to help you accomplish the tough jobs. U-Haul sells weight distribution kits, fifth wheels, hitch steps, front mount accessories and other towing accessories.

We offer a complete selection of trailer hitches with over 8,900 custom fit vehicle applications. All hitches come with a limited lifetime warranty. Find your custom fit trailer hitch by selecting your vehicle below.

I have owned my rapid hitch for many years and have towed many heavy payloads, and with confidence can recommend Andersen Hitches and products to all who are in the market for these products. You will not be disappointed.

A tow hitch (or tow bar or trailer hitch in North America[1]) is a device attached to the chassis of a vehicle for towing, or a towbar to an aircraft nose gear. It can take the form of a tow ball to allow swiveling and articulation of a trailer, or a tow pin, or a tow hook with a trailer loop, often used for large or agricultural vehicles where slack in the pivot pin allows similar movements. Another category is the towing pintle used on military vehicles worldwide.

Trailer hitches for conventional passenger cars, light-duty commercial vehicles, light trucks, and multipurpose passenger vehicles come in two main OEM or aftermarket types: receiver and bumper/fixed-drawbar.

Receiver-type hitches consist of a portion with a rearward-facing opening that accepts removable aftermarket hitch-mounted accessories: trailer hitch ball mounts, hitch bike racks, cargo carriers, etc.

Bumper/fixed-drawbar type hitches typically are built as one piece, have an integrated hole (sometimes more than one hole on pickup trucks) for the trailer ball mount, and are generally not compatible with aftermarket hitch-mounted accessories.

A trailer hitch typically bolts to the chassis of the vehicle. In North America, there are a few common trailer hitch classes (I, II, III, and IV) that are defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).[4]

A receiver hitch can accommodate a variety of different tow hitches when the tow hook/ball may be attached via a receiver tube attached to the tow vehicle. Trailer hitch receiver tubes may be bolted, welded, or integral to the vehicle chassis, and come in various sizes depending on the load they are designed to carry and the country of operation. The US standards are:

Trailer hitch balls come in various sizes depending on the load they carry and the country of operation with removable types consisting of a bolt/shank to attach to the ball mount. The trailer tongue (North America) or coupling (outside North America) slips over a trailer hitch ball attached to a receiver hitch mount or integral with the hitch.

Weight ratings for both bumper-mounted and frame-mounted receiver hitches can be found on the bumper of pickup trucks (for bumper-mounted tow balls) and on the receiver hitch (for frame-mounted receiver hitches).

For flat deck and pickup trucks towing 10,000-to-30,000-pound (4.5 to 13.6 t) trailers there are fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches. These are used for agriculture, industry, and large recreational trailers.

Front trailer hitches are also used on pickup trucks, full-size SUVs, and RVs for multiple purposes.[6] A front-mounted hitch can accommodate additional truck equipment such as front mount bike carriers, fishing/hunting gear, winches, step plates, and snowplows. It also allows a driver to maneuver a trailer with better visibility into a parking site. Front trailer hitches are mounted directly to the frame of a vehicle to ensure a reliable connection. Front hitches are typically equipped with standard-sized receiver tubes to accommodate a variety of removable aftermarket hitch mounted accessories.

A weight-distributing hitch is a "load leveling" hitch. It is a hitch setup mounted on the tow vehicle that uses spring bars and chains under tension to distribute part of the trailer's hitch weight from the towing vehicle's rear axle to the towing vehicle's front axle and to the trailer's axle(s). It can help reduce trailer sway and hop. Trailer hop can jerk the tow vehicle. Trailer sway is also called fishtailing. At high speeds, trailer sway can become dangerous. Most vehicle manufacturers will only allow a maximum trailer capacity of 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) and 500 pounds (230 kg) of tongue weight without using a weight-distributing hitch. Tow vehicles often have square receiver sockets to accept weight distributing hitches.[citation needed]

A lunette ring is a type of trailer hitch that works in combination with a pintle hook on the tow vehicle. A pintle hook and lunette ring make a more secure coupling, desirable on rough terrain, compared to ball-type trailer hitches. It is commonly seen in towing applications in agriculture, industry, and the military.[citation needed]

The Fastway e2 weight distribution hitch offers faster and easier sway control and weight distribution. With built-in, permanent sway control, you can hitch up, tow, and unhitch with ease. There is nothing extra to connect or store, and nothing to remove when backing or making a tight turn.

The e2's rigid brackets provide two points of steel-on-steel friction, constantly working to fight sway. Its unique design provides a level ride while minimizing sway caused by winds, semi trailers and sudden maneuvers.The e2 hitch comes in round-bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy sway control and weight distribution. The e2's smart design can be installed around gas tanks and battery boxes, works with surge brakes, and can accommodate any trailer type.

Bought your 10,000 lb weight distribution hitch for our 35' long, 6,800 lb travel trailer. Towed it about 30 miles on 4/13/18 from storage to our house in winds gusting up to 50 mph. It performed perfectly. The next day was a 2.5 hour pull to our campground NE of Columbus, Ohio. I couldn't not believe how effortless the pull was. At times I was literally able to have one hand on the steering wheel if needed. Thanks for this great product!

Installed the e2 6,000 lb trunnion hitch for an 18 ft travel trailer. Pulling it with a 2015 Tacoma V6. Works great! Got the setup right on the first try. Instructions were very good. Happy with the product.

Our friends recommended that we get the e2 trunnion hitch for our 26 ft Jayco mated to our F150. Everything has been great. It is easy to hook up and disconnect, and when pulling, the trailer is stable and we have no swaying of any kind.

I've been getting peace of mind and safety using my Fastway e2 hitch for a few years. Now I've had to use their Customer Service. I got fast, intelligent answers, good news, and quick service. Got to be one of the best customer service departments I've ever dealt with. Thank you, Fastway.

Can't tell you how much I trust your hitch. Even the 8,000 lb hitch has the truck and trailer level. If I ever get a heavier rig, I will most certainly buy another hitch from you guys. Again, thank you.

We have been using your weight distribution hitch for our 31 ft. Komfort trailer for 10 years now... Never a worry or an issue this entire time. We feel very safe in our 37 states we have visited so far.

It uses our patented dual receiver design (2 1/2" upper and 2" lower) high penetration dual shield welding and includes hardened reinforced hitch pin locations. The SUPER HITCH Magnum 30K has a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

Hanging RacksHanging hitch racks are a popular way to transport road or lightweight bikes without the need to lift them overhead and onto the roof of your vehicle. While not necessarily inexpensive, a quality hanging rack like the Yakima RidgeBack 2 comes in at about half the price of a platform model with the same capacity. Hanging racks are much lighter and more compact, which is a plus for those that plan to remove the rack with some regularity. A great example is the Kuat Beta, which comes in at a scant 14 pounds and can be easily tucked away in the corner of your garage when not in use.

When it comes to shipping vehicles, trailer hitches alone cost from $120 to $475. The average cost to install a trailer hitch ranges from $175 to about $375 for class 1 to 4 hitches. The total cost of installing a trailer hitch is $300 to $850. 041b061a72


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