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Hidden Kisses: A French Film About Gay Teenagers

Hidden Kisses: A French Film About Gay Teenagers

Hidden Kisses (Baisers cachÃs) is a 2016 French television film directed by Didier Bivel about the coming out process of two gay teenagers, Nathan and Louis. The film explores the challenges and consequences of being gay in a homophobic society, as well as the importance of self-acceptance and love.

The film begins with Nathan (BÃrenger Anceaux) and his single father StÃphane (Patrick Timsit) moving to a new apartment and school. Nathan is soon invited to a party where he meets Louis (Jules Houplain), a boy in his class. They find themselves out of sight and kissing, but someone takes a photo of them and posts it online. The photo goes viral and Nathan becomes the target of bullying and harassment at school. Louis, on the other hand, denies being gay and rejects Nathan, fearing his parents' reaction and his reputation.

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The film follows Nathan's struggle to cope with the situation, as well as Louis' inner conflict and denial. Nathan finds some support from his father, who eventually accepts his son's sexuality, and from two teachers, Catherine (Catherine Jacob) and Tristan (Bruno Putzulu), who are also in a closeted lesbian relationship. Louis, meanwhile, faces pressure from his parents, Corinne (Barbara Schulz) and Bruno (Nicolas Carpentier), who discover his secret and try to change him.

The film also depicts the impact of homophobia on the lives of other characters, such as Laura (Lisa Kramarz), Louis' girlfriend who took the photo out of jealousy; Marc (Selim Clayssen), Nathan's friend who is also gay but afraid to come out; and Julien (Maxence Seva), another gay student who commits suicide after being outed.

Hidden Kisses is a powerful and realistic film that portrays the difficulties and dangers of being gay in a hostile environment, but also the hope and courage of finding love and acceptance. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, praising its performances, direction, script, and message. The film has also won several awards, such as the Audience Award at the Luchon Film Festival in 2016.

Hidden Kisses is available to watch online on various platforms, such as HD Online Player[^1^] [^2^] [^3^], Breaking Glass Pictures[^4^], or Film & Picture[^4^]. The film is in French with English subtitles.

The film also raises important questions about the role of education and society in preventing and combating homophobia. The film shows how the school authorities fail to protect Nathan and other gay students from bullying and discrimination, and how the parents of Louis and other gay teens are ignorant and intolerant of their children's sexuality. The film also shows how the media and the internet can be used to spread hate and violence, but also to raise awareness and solidarity.

Hidden Kisses is a film that invites viewers to reflect on their own attitudes and actions towards LGBT people, and to empathize with their struggles and emotions. The film also celebrates the beauty and diversity of love, and the resilience and strength of LGBT people who overcome adversity and find happiness. Hidden Kisses is a film that deserves to be seen and shared by everyone who cares about human rights and dignity. 29c81ba772


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