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Gold Spot Tally Of The Yes Men Rar

Ironically, Croker is not officially listed as a casualty in the battle. The figure of 10 killed and 23 wounded accounts for those hit between the evening; 2130 hours on the 24th to 0900 hours on the 25th. Croker, the soldier who first saw the Chinese attack taking shape, was shot a few hours before the official tally begins.

Gold Spot Tally Of The Yes Men Rar


Literally lol my decision to not fuck hella people is because I don't want to do that. I'm totally content. It's also satisfying asf when I tell guys I've only been with 1 guy. IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS dudes love that shit. People will say "men don't care anymore" sike they do and when they find a woman who is inexperienced they get unbelievably excited

Yep, it also says a bit about what they considered their previous lays. Like disposables. Just another name in a long list of disposables. I think men are afraid of becoming just their 60th disposable. Totally valid feeling imo.

Dude, I personally know a lot of engineers who were totally find having casual sex while they were building their careers and now want to settle down. A lot of guys just don't have time to seriously pair off in their 20s and only get around to it once they're established.

I give up. You do realize things like "high value man" only exist for incels and maybe gold diggers, right? Most people would never dream of putting a value on PEOPLE. You might be married, but your mindset has incel written all over it

Its not the number perse.Lets assume you're sexually active since you were 17. so thats 6 sexual partners per year. So circa every 2 months you slept with someone else, for 10 years and in that time couldn't obviously have a long lasting relationship because of it and even if you had a lets say 1 year lasting relationship that only ups the hook up per moth count which is also not nice. That would be a red flag for me. Because my thought behind that is you always prioritize sex over a relationship so I would always have that in the back of my mind. I totally respect exploring your sexuality but girl thats not a lot thats well... wild.

I have nothing but respect for you, the fact that you put yourself at the risk of being judged like that or ignored by someone you like, and be like that's me either accept me as I am or fuck off all for the sake of being honest, blows my mind. Not many if any women are like you. If I was at the place of any of those men I'd propose on the spot.

Why not lie about it. It's nobody's bussiness what you did in your personal life in the past. Just say you're body count it's like 10. Never understood people complaining about being judged for their body count, when you can totally lie about it. If you don't lie, you probably brag.


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