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Archipp Tikhonov
Archipp Tikhonov

Anno 1404 Special Item Id List.epub

for our next special item, you'll need to have a fork (found in the mod menu of the pubg client). then you'll need to find 4 explorer's notes. then you'll need to hunt down 6 journals. then you'll need to bring all of this to reynard. after that, he'll give you a piece of paper with a list of items.

Anno 1404 Special Item Id List.epub

if you've been asked to collect 6 different items, you might be wondering how you'll do it in the most effective way. well, the best place to start is probably at the isle of the tol'vir. there you can find a tutorial on how to collect the first item, the dyak's stinger. dyak's stinger is a stinger that you can upgrade - before this can be done, you need to collect 5 stinger shards. luckily, you can find those around the isle of the tol'vir, and even more around the encampment. try to use resurrection stones to resurrect some of the bodies you find. more often than not, they'll have a dyak's stinger inside them.

to help you find the other items, the merchant provides a list of the 6 hidden items you need to find. go to the list, and you'll see the miasmite is listed under harvestable goods - this should help you find that in the woods near the encampment (at night, if you have the option to use the fireteam). the other 5 items are listed under treasures - you'll need to collect a journal for each of them. the journals can be found in specific locations:

so how do you collect all the items? you can use fireteam missions, available for purchase from the player menu on the main screen. the missions are completed by the fireteam, and they can be paid to complete a quest. you'll need to do the entire list of missions and pay the fireteam 10 times for each item. you can find the 10x missions in the map - you'll see them either marked with a 10x or highlighted in yellow (the yellow ones are the ones you need to complete).


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